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Jolson's Designs

Terms - Payment Info

You don't need a PayPal account to pay by credit/debit card. On PayPal's secure payment page, click the "Pay By Credit Or Debit Card" link to complete your payment as a guest. Or, if you have a PayPal account you may opt to fund your payment with your PayPal balance. Payments made by credit/debit card or by PayPal balance are available for download immediately upon payment.*


PayPal eCheck Payment -- Downloads available upon manual order review.

If you have a PayPal account you also have the option of using the eCheck method to complete your payment. Funds are transfered from a bank account you have connected to your PayPal account. eCheck funded payments take 3-5 business days to complete. Just like with paper checks, the eCheck payment places a hold on the funds in your bank account but the funds are not released to the seller (Jolson's Designs) account until 3-5 business days later. The shopping cart does not make download links available immediately when the eCheck method is used, however, as I review orders throughout the day I manually activate download links on eCheck orders so you may have access to your purchases.


No Refunds or Exchanges: Due to the digital nature of products sold on Jolson's Designs returns, refunds and exchanges are not authorized...all sales are final.

Customer Account Information / Registering an account

     Your registered billing address should not contain any abbreviations as it will confuse the PayPal address authentication system and cause your order to fail; please be sure to spell out street suffixes (street, road, drive etc.) cities and states. You can edit/change your registered information or password at anytime in the "My Account" menu. As always, Jolson's Designs does not collect your credit/debit card information...that information is entered on PayPal's encrypted payment page. Your name, email address and billing address are encrypted and never shared with marketers.




Terms And Conditions Regarding Usage of Designs Purchased From Jolson's Designs: The following terms and conditions apply to all orders from Jolson's Designs as noted on the order submission form:

By completing an order the purchaser agrees to the following terms: 1.) Designs purchased from Jolson's Designs may be stitched out on physical items for sell without limitation. 2.) Designs purchased from Jolson's Designs MAY NOT be resold as embroidery design sets, as individual design files, as font sets or design sets, in whole or in part, nor as compilations of individual files combined with other designs to create merged designs. 3.) I understand that sharing the login credentials to my Jolson's Designs account in order to allow others to download and use embroidery design files without paying for them is a form of theft which will result in the suspension of my account. 4.) I understand that resizing or adjusting density on any embroidery file will compromise stitch quality and may damage my Embroidery machine and any projects that I am working on. 5.) I understand that all sales are final and non-refundable.


Credit/Debit Card payment -or PayPal Balance payment
Downloads available immediately


PayPal eCheck Payment -- Downloads available within 24 hours.




*Please Note The PayPal checkout-cart/payment-page sends data to my store which automatically authorizes the order, marking it "complete" and activating the download links immediatley upon completion of payment. This auto-authorization of download links may be interupted for the following reasons: using the browser "back" button too soon during processing; billing address verification failure due to spelling, format or descrepencies between "buyer/shipped to" and "card holder" names; or by internet connectivity issues causing a page timeout. Allthough this occurs very rarely, these auto-authorization interuptions can occur even when the payment successfully processes. If you return to Jolson's Designs after completing payment for your order and your order status is marked "Awaiting Payment" and you know your payment went through, please send an email to Troy at by using the "Contact Us" link above and I will manually authorize your order and download links as quickly as possible during normal business hours. I also review incoming orders throughout the day and begin processing the manual activation as soon as I see an order with "Awaiting Payment" status after reviewing the order and payment information.

 (PLEASE NOTE: My website is hosted by Bigcommerce and their shopping cart software does not feature a function that will notify when an item has been previously purchased so please be sure to review your previous orders to prevent duplicate purchases. It is the customer's responsibility to prevent making duplicate purchases.)

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